"I'm an alligator..." by David Bowie

I'm an alligator

"I'm an alligator..."
Who would dare to claim that he/she is an alligator? David Bowie would.

It's been three years since David Bowie passed away. Wonder how he is doing up there, Starman.

23 Heddon street_1
23 Heddon street_3

Into the Night, film

Stayed awake to watch "Into the Night" directed by John Landis. David Bowie makes a cameo appearance in the film as an English hit man, Colin Morris. I wonder, by the way, how Jeff Goldblum could tell that Colin was an English man by exchanging just a couple of words. Anyway, David Bowie's appearance ends shortly with a breaking glass sound, which leaves us to grunble, 'Is that it?'

"Breakfast on Pluto" & David Bowie

The Irish-British film, "Breakfast on Pluto" surely has been inspired by David Bowie. The androgynous fashion to start with, some of the scenes and the lines reminds us of David Bowie himself.

LOW by David Bowie

The orange surroundings help the keshigomu David Bowie to resemble the album jacket of Low.

LOW with keshigomu

David Bowie Low Portrait Out of Eraser

Posted here is a new keshigomu work inspired by David Bowie, a portrait. It is based on a scene from a movie, "The Man Who Fell to Earth", later being used on the album sleeve of Low.

David Bowie at Design Festa

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